I believe in building software that's accessible to everyone. Having learned to code in a multicultural country (over low-bandwidth internet), made me a strong believer in the idea that software should start simple and gracefully enhance to take advantage of the user's environment. I write code with these ideas in mind:

I'm particularly interested in mapping and open source software and data. Cartography, and data visualization in general, allow people to see the world differently, and be informed about issues outside of their immediate community. Data-driven projects like this only go as far as the underlying data, so I'm also interested in using machine learning to generate new mapping data.

How does this change the world?

Mapping is incredibly powerful. Projects like the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team have tremendous impact in developing countries. Apps like MountainHub and GaiaGPS make the outdoors and backcountry a safer place. More broadly, the better informed people are about the world, the safer the world becomes.

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